Thursday, April 10, 2014

Maybelline Bleached Neons Color Elixir Liquid Balms

Hello, Beauties! 

Today I'm swatching the brand spanking new Maybelline Bleached Neon Limited Edition Color Elixirs for you! Maybelline has released a whole range of Limited Edition shades in this summer collection including Color Elixirs, Color Whispers, Color Tattoos, a new Master Glaze Blush and Color Show nail polishes. So far I have been able to nab just about everything except for two of the Color Elixir shades and the two Color Tattoo shades. I have heard that the Color Tattoos are dupes for two of last years LE shades, so if that is true, then they would just be dupes in my collection anyway!

Now onto the good stuff! I will not be reviewing these glosses since I have already done a previous review with my thoughts on the Color Elixir Liquid Balms. If you are looking for a more in depth review, you can see one here.

I decided to swatch all of the shades on my wrist and my lips so you can really get a good idea of the color payoff. 

Overall, I love them. They are consistent formula and scent wise with the original Color Elixirs in the permanent range. If you are a fan of the Color Elixirs and are interested in these shades, I would keep an eye out as they have not hit most drugstores yet. On all of the displays I have seen, there are only two of each shade, so you'll need to grab 'em when you see 'em. Keep in mind that these are all limited edition, so when they are gone, they're gone.

Here I am wearing Orange Aglow.

Stay tuned for more Bleached Neon reviews!



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