Thursday, May 23, 2013

Beauty Things I Suck At!

Beauty Things I Suck At - Tagged By Cookie at The Charming Cheshire

Cookie has tagged me in her super cute post called Beauty Things I Suck At! It just goes to show you that even us beauty bloggers have daily challenges when it comes to doing our hair, makeup, etc.

I hope you enjoy this post as I share with you the things I SUCK at!

1. Not painting my nails like a 3 year old.
Seriously. I know I have told you here MANY times, but I have some serious issues when it comes to painting my nails. It is unfortunate because I am obsessed with nail polish. I love looking at all of my fellow beauty bloggers with their beautiful nail art that they have so skillfully mastered. You should know, that half of the time, I am embarrassed to post my polish pictures. I feel like I am too heavy handed or something. I don't know. I just suck. The End.

2. Doing ANYTHING with my hair besides straightening it.
This is a real problem. I feel like growing up, I missed out on the girl stuff. I never learned how to french braid or curl my hair with a curling iron (I'm pissed off about it to this day!). I scour youtube for the "easiest" hair tutorials, and somehow, I still come out looking like a hot mess. 

3. Using liquid eyeliner pens.
What is wrong with me? Give me an angled brush and cream liner and we are good to go! Hell, even a pencil liner has me looking good. But hand me a liquid liner pen, and Houston, we have a problem! This drives me crazy because cream eyeliner is such a hassle when I am in a hurry, and I prefer the look of liquid over pencil liner. I don't know why it always comes out so rigid-y when I try to apply my liquid eyeliner pens. I have tried SO many different ones; Eyeko, Be A Bombshell, Nyx, Milani, etc. and it all comes out the same! Help!

4. Remembering to set my foundation with powder.
This really shouldn't be so hard. But somehow, I manage to forget this step every single day. I really have no explanation for this. I don't have oily skin, but I do live in Houston, Texas, so this step is essential with the humidity here. I guess my subconscious enjoys a shiny forehead.. what can I say?

Thanks again to Cookie for tagging me! It is actually really fun confessing the things that I suck at! Maybe I should start a "Things I suck at in Life" version. Or maybe not, because I don't have time to write a novel! 

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_J4CKIE_ said...

I feel your pain girl - the hair, liquid liners!! Ugh, I got tons of practicing to do too! Thanks for tagging me btw! I will post my list soon!

Charming Cheshire said...

LOL At Houston, we have a problem! Hahaha! I forgot my setting spray once and I started having a melt-down (pun intended) and my hubby was like: "Babe, it's not big deal, it's just spray"...I said (eyes wide) "Noooo, you don't UNDERSTAND. I'm DOOMED" LOL Awesome post!

Makeup Thug said...

I love this TAG.. Texas huh? Yeah you might wanna remember that powder boo. =)

Zebragirl said...

Thanks for tagging me! I did the tag and we suck at the same things!

Melli {Casual Beauty} said...

I always forget to set my foundation as well! I cringe when ever I look in the mirror and see my oily self lol.

Found you through makeuptalk :)

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