Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm a happy girl!

I am one happy lady right now! Want to know why?

I FINALLY found the L’Oreal Colour Riche Balm I have been searching up and down every drugstore/grocery store for! The shade is Laze In The Maze and it is from the Versailles Romance spring collection! These are limited edition, so imagine my excitement when I finally tracked it down!

The shade was described as a coral, so I immediately went out and bought Maybelline Color Whisper in the shade Coral Ambition. I have been wearing it a lot ever since and have really loved the color. I had pretty much given up all hope on finding Laze In The Maze after seeing the empty rows of shelves or finding just one left on the shelf that had a broken seal and had clearly been tested on someone’s lips (gross!).

Something just told me to check my Target ONE MORE TIME even though it has been sold out for weeks. And guess what… they had been re-stocked! There were three left, the first two had been used, but my gem was the lucky 3rd one! I have already tried and tested the entire Versailles Romance Color Riche Balm collection (besides this color) so I already know I love the consistency. As far as color and pigmentation, I feel like this shade has the best color payoff in the collection. I also would not say that it looks "coral" on my lips. I would definitely classify it as more of a pink-y shade, especially on my lips. That being said, I think it is absolutely beautiful, and I adore it. If the other two had not been used, I would go back and buy them!

I have tried the product on my lips so you can see a comparison with the Maybelline Color Whisper in Coral Ambition.

I love both of these products and will be wearing them all summer long!

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