Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Impression - L'Oreal La Laque & Le Matte

Hello, Beauties!

Today I will be sharing my first impression on the L'Oreal La Laque and Le Matte Color Riche Lip Colors. These are an excellent new product that L'Oreal that are similar to the Khroma Beauty Joysticks that I love immensely. I grabbed one shade in the La Laque formula and one in the Le Matte formula. I would have grabbed more, but the few shades I was interested were mostly sold out. Without giving too much away on the front end, I will get into the lip swatches and give you my first impressions.

The Le Matte formula applied evenly and was opaque. It glides on the lips smoothly and does not leave the lips feeling dry in the least bit. My lips felt surprisingly smooth and wonderful which is not the case with most matte formulas I have tried. 

La Laque has a beautiful glossy shiny finish. It applied like a dream and was fully opaque. The color payoff is unreal. 

Overall, both the La Laque and Le Matte formulas were a hit for me. You won't need a lip liner because these double as a liner and lip color. I love this style of lip product, and L'Oreal executed this concept perfectly. I really hope they consider making this line permanent, because they are truly wonderful products. I wish that they had a larger color selection with more neutral colors for everyday wear. There were some awesome reds still left on the display at my local Target, and I am contemplating going back to purchase them. I found these at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond, but they still have not made an appearance at Walgreen's, CVS or Ulta in my area. 

If you are interested in these, I would go find them NOW!

Questions? Comments? Fire Away!


jackie leung said...

Loove the La Laque color on you =)

Jorden Mills said...

Thank you Jackie! It is definitely out of my usual comfort zone, but it was too unique to pass up!

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